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The Good News Is, Syracuse Football Scholarships Are More Plentiful Than Ever

Did you really think we were going to get through the day without finding out more Syracuse football players have left the team?  So naive, you are.

So, yeah, as first noted by the Daily Orange, Doug Marrone confirmed today that sophmore DE Zary Stewart, junior FB Dan Collier and sophomore DE Romale Tucker have left the team.  I believe that brings the number to 17 players having left the program one way or another since June.

It's not the best news in the world to hear that two DEs are leaving the team, especially when one of the starters is just returning to action from a torn pectoral.  Zary was listed as the #2 DE behind Jared Kimmel while Romale was all the way down in the 4th slot on the other side behind Arthur Jones.  Who knows if playing time was a factor but if it was, it was more likely an issue for Tucker.

As for Collier leaving, no big deal, he was only OUR FIRST-STRING FULLBACK. Already as thin as can be, the fullback position is now manned by senior walk-on Robert Nieves and Robert Nieves alone.  Nieves did not play at all last season.  Someone's about to get their Rudy on... chimes in and alludes to a more specific possibility for Tucker leaving...position change.

Tucker did not play in any games last season as a freshman, and was moved from linebacker to defensive end before spring practice this year. Stewart and Collier had not played in any games for the Orange.

Of course, Marrone is mum on the reasons for their departure and we will go ahead and wish them well in their endeavors.  The thin defense gets a little thinner and we all move forward.  So it goes...