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The Rejuvenation Begins: Syracuse Preseason Camp - August 10th


It's camp time!  Yeah!!!  Load up your knapsack, put on your t-shirt with the name of the camp on it, pack a bathing suit and bring plenty of Ecto Cooler cause the bus is almost here!!! 

(Someone whispers in ear)

Wait, what?   That doesn't sound like any kind of camp I ever went to.

No, apparently instead of ropes courses and kickball, the Syracuse Football preseason football camp that begins today will include intense drills and yelling.  Lots of yelling.  Who the hell signs up for this?

Arthur Jones for one.  The superstar DL has officially been cleared for contact and will be a full member of camp.  Great news for a guy who almost had his sport and his future taken away from him:

"It was humbling for me to know that this childhood game can be taken away that quickly. It made me appreciate football and be hungrier. It has been a long six months of rehab and I’m ready to get after it."

Here's Arthur talking more in-depth about what it feels like to be back and what his new teammates can expect from camp (why are the guys asking the questions talking to him like he's seven-years-old?).

Also chatting it up with the camera is TE Mike Owen, who discusses the importance starting preseason camp right.

One of the newbies that stood out during check-in yesterday was Derek Hines, the transfer from California's San Ana College.  Hines has been penciled in as a starter but was a question mark due to come academic issues.  Hines did make it, not that Arthur Jones would know:

Jones said he met Hines during his official visit in the spring, but did not recognize him during check-in on Sunday. That's because Hines had shaved his long hair and beard as part of Marrone's dress code.

"He had the California, sunshine look," Jones said of Hines. "He had long hair. And a beard, too. It was totally different seeing him. I was like, ohhh, man, yeah. I felt kind of dumb. I didn't know who he was.

This is cute. has a poll up that asks, When it's all said and done, who do you think SU head coach Doug Marrone ultimately picks to be the starting quarterback of the Orange?  Obviously, the choices consist of Greg Paulus and Ryan Nassib.  But also available to choose from is Cam Dantley (awww...) and Charley "Ridiculously Good Looking" Loeb (whaaa???).  Paulus is currently running away with it.

For Doug Marrone, his first training camp is sure to be anything but messy.  He's had all summer to plan for this and he's not going to leave too much to chance.  While all of the areas and positions will require attention, perhaps no three areas are as important right now than quarterback, linebacker and offensive line, says Dave Rahme.  So unsettled is the linebacker position that the current started include a guy who spent the last two seasons at running back (Doug Hogue) and a transfer who hasn't played one down yet for the Orange (Hines).

Updates later fo sho'.  In the meantime, hope springs eternal.  We're undefeated so far and will be for at least the next three weeks.  Savor it.