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I Smell A Linguini And Clams Eating Contest Coming On

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Doug Marrone and food.  They go together like Doug Marrone and Syracuse football.  Practically made for each other.  And if Doug can't get his hands on his staples (Diet Coke, pancakes, Bobby Rubino's Ribs), Doug Marrone might just have to jump into the kitchen himself to make a plate o'somethin'.

That's exactly what Doug did this past weekend down in Armory Square:

Marrone lent his culinary presence with the Downtown Syracuse restaurant known as bc on Wednesday as part of a fundraiser for the Food Bank of Central New York. bc chef and owner Bill Collins invited Marrone to his Armory Square restaurant to cook up some linguini and clam sauce and invited diner to contribute to Marrone's charity of choice, which was the Food Bank of Central New York.

Be sure to check out the photo of a smiling Doug hand-over-hand with chef Bill Collins presenting the plate filled with clams.  I feel like there's some kind of Freudian metaphor in there but I can't quite grasp it.

You can also check out bc's website here where it's described in that weird way that all restaurants describe themselves:

Bill and Sara have created an ambiance we like to call "downtown casual" which feels both old world and chic at the same time.

Pretty sure I could say that about Applebee's as well. I mean, they've got street signs from the 50's (old world) and waiters and waitresses are clad in buttons with ironic and un-ironic sayings (chic?).