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Where In The World Is Scoop Jardine, Part II

(This is Part 2 of our 87-Part series on the whereabouts of Syracuse point guard and cheesesteak connoisseur Scoop Jardine). posted an article today on the King of Kings League, which is really starting to hit its stride.  Given that so many SU and local high school talents are involved, it was only a matter of time.

The league, created as a component for the King of Kings Life Development Program, has talent, too. Fans might see Syracuse University players like Brandon Triche, James Southerland, Mookie Jones, Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson.

The league also features recent local talent like Jamesville-DeWitt's Alshwan Hymes and Nick Pascale and Corcoran's Elton Frazier. Every player on a roster is not guaranteed to show up, but on a lucky night fans could catch former SU guards Josh Wright and Billy Edelin.

The article highlights Prestige Elite's Triche, who shows off some great "penetrating moves" while "always using superior body control."  The article doesn't include Scoop Jardine on the roster for Elite.  As mentioned yesterday, Scoop (and James Sutherland) have been MIA from recent games. 

I spoke with someone related to KoK and they said Jardine and Sutherland have indeed left the team due to the fact that the line-up is so good, there's not exactly much room for them.  Players like "Money Mike" McCluskey and "Man Child" Lataiva Escho are well-established and, along with Triche and others, are eating up most of the minutes. This person did mention that Rick Jackson might actually be making an appearance for Elite on Monday and may bring Scoop & Sutherland with him if he can for at least one more game with the team.

By the way, also learned that Prestige Elite's coach's name is...Prestige.  Awesome.