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Where In The World Is Scoop Jardine?

He Who Would Not Start At Point For SU has been curiously missing from the limelight recently.  If you consider a summer basketball league and a semi-regular web interview series "the limelight."

Scoop's team in the King of Kings League is 3-0 but Scoop hasn't been a part of the last two games. After scoring 12 points for Prestige Elite on June 15th, he skipped the two game since.  Fellow Orangeman James Sutherland also hasn't played in that time so suspicions weren't raised too high.

I just figured Scoop was taking some time off or forgot how to get to the arena.  No biggie.  But then today's very special episode of The Scoop & Wes Show premiered...sans Scoop!

The Scoop and Wes Show with Donna Ditota

Kris Joseph and Mookie Jones both step in to replace Scoop.  And even though it's nearly impossible to replace a talent like Jardine, they handle themselves admirably.  Especially Joseph...kid's got chutzpah.

By the way, Mookie Jones may have just skyrocketed to the top of the Current SU Player I Want To Hang Out With List, replacing Paul Harris.  He's such a goofball!  I would absolutely play Madden '09 for hours with him.

Hopefully Scoop is well in his self-imposed exile and we hope to see him again soon, cheesesteak in hand.  Otherwise, The Wes & KrisJo Show is in full effect.

Some other nuggets learned from the show:

  • Wes Johnson confirms what Ryan Miller mentioned earlier, that he had to miss LeBron's Skills Camp due to summer school classes.
  • Joseph has high praise for James Sutherland, who is apparently a morning person. Hopefully we get some of those coveted 7am game-times this season for him.
  • If I get a white t-shirt, can I hang out with the SU basketball team?
  • "Okay, I think we're done here."  When Donna says the show is's done.