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OrangeTube 7/8

Sometimes, there's too much Syracuse-related video goodness to spread out.  It needs to be disseminated as quickly as possible.  That's where OrangeTube comes in.  First up, a very slick-looking featurette on the King of Kings Basketball League that features Scoop Jardine, Brandon Triche & Josh Wright:

SU Athletics posted the video of the SU Lacrosse team meeting President Obama to YouTube.  What's up with Biden?  He's so annoying.  He's like your mother introducing you to people at a family gathering.  "This is Kenny, he lives in Chicago and he scored 1340 on his SAT."

More videos after the jump...

Here's that video of DOC Gross not-very-excitedly discussing SU's "historic" Director's Cup standings.  Somebody get this guy a Frappachino!

Finally, these two young fellows discuss Big East football.  Eventually.