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It's Miller Time

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According to, Jonny Miller of Mullen High School in Denver is the latest player to commit to Syracuse for the 2010 football season.  The QB chose SU over Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, New Mexico State and FIU, all of whom had offers out to him. He also received interest from Tennessee and Wake Forest, amongst others.

Curiously, despite all of the bigtime interest, Miller wasn't even the official starter at his high school.  He split time with Tim Tancik, who is getting interest from the Colorado schools.  It's probably even more fair to say that Tancik got more reps.  So that's...interesting.  Rob Spence did the recruiting here so the OC must still see something in Miller worth investing in.

Here's what ESPN has to say about Miller.

This kid has a chance to be very good. He is a polished pocket passer that happens to be a very good overall athlete and can make plays with his legs when things break down. Miller has just adequate height at this stage with potential for further growth. He is very sound fundamentally with his footwork and ball handling skills...Overall accuracy and decision making is among the best in this class...Overall, Miller will likely end up being one of the better passers this class has to offer. He has been well coached, well groomed on the fundamentals and he is highly productive both with his arm and legs. Excellent prospect. me confused.  If anyone wants to chime in on why this guy sounds so good but can't start for his own high school team, let me know.  Theoretically, great get for the Orange.  I think.


Update: Good work gumshoes.  Turns out Miller hurt his wrist early in the year.  Tancik has graduated so the team is all Miller's this season.