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Housecleaning & Updates & Such

Couple site-related notes I wanted to pass along.

  • Mobile commenting is a go!  Some of you have e-mailed me about this and I told you we were working on it and now we did it and now you see I wasn't lying so now we can be friends.  Yes?  If you do have any issues with mobile commenting please let SbN know at or e-mail me and I'll look into it.
  • Easy ReTweeting!  You might have noticed at the bottom of each post is a handy-dandy retweeting tool that skips the whole step of going to Twitter, typing in how great and funny that TNIAAM guy is, then going to TinyUrl and converting the URL and then posting.  We make it so much easier now for you to fete me.
  • Tweet Your FanPosts!  This one's been around for a little bit but I wanted to make sure you were aware.  There is an option to auto-tweet all your FanPosts when you write them.  You can even link up your Twitter account so it's automatically there for you when you post.  Just one more reason for you to get over to the right side of the page and post your thoughts, opinions, comments, photos, videos and whatnot.

Good day to you all.