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This Director's Cup Thing Is Kinda A Big Deal

At least, you can tell it is to DOCTOR Gross.  Not one but two stories about Syracuse's "historic" 330.0 points-earned in the latest Director's Cup standings are on  That's good enough for 63rd overall in the nation and sixth in the Big East (if you're including Notre Dame).  That's Syracuse's best finish ever.  It's in large part thanks to the success of the lacrosse programs, the basketball program, field hockey and many other SU athletics programs that are excelling.   There's even a video montage set to music the kids listen to!

What the hell is the Director's Cup anyway?  Well...

The NACDA Learfield Sports Directors' Cup is an award given annually by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics to the colleges and universities with the most success in collegiate athletics. Points for the NACDA Directors' Cup are based on order of finish in various NCAA sponsored championships or in the case of Division I Football media base polls.

Simply put, it takes all of the sports every college plays and ranked every school based on how well they did in each of them.  The higher up you are, the more successful and well-rounded your athletics program is.  So you can understand now why this is right up DOC Gross' alley, can't you?  This is his bread and f***ing butter.

Doc even takes some time to talk about what this "historic" (SU Athletics' words, not mine) placement means in a free video you can watch on Orange All-Access.  Daryl happily answers questions about how great Syracuse Athletics is...mostly because the questions are softer than John Desko's midsection (Crossfire, this is not). Daryl looks a little out of it though...and it's understandable.  330.0 Director's Cup points don't earn themselves, people.  He works hard for the hard for it, honey.