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Everyone Wants To Play With LeBron

Last year, Jonny Flynn went to LeBron James Skills Academy a well-thought-of college point guard and emerged with a buzz that began his eventual ascension to #6 pick in the NBA draft.  As you can imagine, others noticed.  And this time, Syracuse's next great hope is attending as well.

[Wes] Johnson was invited to participate in the LeBron James Skills Academy this week in Akron, Ohio.

Nike invites the top 20 college and top 80 high school players from its four camps in late June (Deron Williams - point guards, Vince Carter - wing forwards, Paul Pierce - shooting guards, and Amare Stoudemire - big men) to LeBron's camp.

Wes also recently attended the Vince Carter Skills Academy in June, in which I assume one learned to put up crazy personal statistics that have no impact on one's team's ability to win.  Probably could have focused on some better skills.

Johnson is expected to be an integral part of the SU basketball team this season, so much so that despite the fact that he has two years of eligibility remaining, Jim Boeheim is already preparing for the chance that Wesley leaves after one year here.

Johnson won't be alone when it comes to Syracuse players at LeBron's camp.  He'll be joined by Dion Waiters and C.J. Fair, both of whom have committed to play for the Orange in 2010. That's not to mention players like DaJuan "Not Related to Derrick" Coleman who will also be on hand and the Orange and pursuing.  Hopefully Wes can put in the good word with him and some of the other undecideds...surreptitiously, of course.