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Finally, America The Best At American Football

In a shocking development that shook the nation to it's core over the weekend, the Canadian Junior World Football Team scored against the US team.  Cooler heads prevailed though and the US went on to a nail-biting 41-3 victory to win the JWC Gold Medal Game.

The US continued it's tournament barrage, which began with a 78-0 win over France and 55-0 win over Mexico, by scoring on the very first play from scrimmage. Shockingly, the Canucks marched down the field and kicked a field goal on the next drive, the first points given up by Team USA all tournament.  It would be the last. 

Team USA QB Bryce Petty had high praise for the Canadians, who gave the US their best fight:

"I think they were the only team that tackled David more than twice down to the ground and not just push him out of bounds," Petty said.

High praise indeed.

Syracuse Orangemen Phillip Thomas and Shamarko Thomas were among USA's defensive leaders with three solo tackles apiece.

15,000 people attended the championship game (more than double the amount of people at the last Rutgers-Seton Hall game...sorry).  Earlier in the weekend Japan ruined North America's aspirations to finish 1-2-3 by beating Mexico, Germany invaded Sweden's endzone twice to win 14-0 and  France ensured that the New Zealand kids had the worst experience out of everyone by beating them 34-6.  The Zealies finished with an 0-3 record and were outscored 141-13.