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Photo Phriday - July 30th, 2009

Some Syracuse related photo goodness to get you through the day.

First up, I came across a nifty little tool that let's you Mad Men Yourself.  You know what usually happens now...


What's most amazing is how very similar circa 1950's Jim Boeheim is to 2009 Jim Boeheim.  Except for the fact that he's smoking...and holding another cigarette.  It was the 50's, we didn't know better.

Up next, they say that the Christmas Spirit should follow us year-round.  That Santa Claus should be with us at all times. Well, turns out it, he is...and he's got killer seats at the Dome (H/T: Bill Orange).


Came across a very cool photo of SU linebacker Derrell Smith all done up purty-like.  Looks like it's a Post-Standard photos originally (Frank Ordonez, ya'll).