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Cody Jamieson Is Better Than You At Things

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At the very least, he's better than you at scoring lacrosse goals.  That much I am sure of.  Don't believe me?  Okay, tough guy, how bout this...  SU's Jamieson is coming off a stint with the Six Nations Chiefs of the Major Series Lacrosse League that was slightly positive:

Jamieson won the Jim Murphy Award as the league's MVP, the Gene Dopp Award as outstanding rookie, and the Buck McDonald Award as the league's top scorer, with 48 goals and 48 assists in 17 games. Jamieson is the first player in MSL history to win all three awards in the same season.

Did you read that?  48 goals, 48 assists, 17 games.  That's like a 4,368 points per game average.*

The Chiefs finished the season 13-5, tied for first with the Brampton Excelsiors (la-di-da...).  Both teams recevied first-round byes and await their opponents in the playoffs. 

Jamieson has been playing while presumably also taking summer classes at SU to meet the credit requirements that have so plagued his career lately.  Jamieson's stats from last season (6 games, 12 goals) don't say enough about the potential he brings with him as the Orange defends their 2-time National Title this year. In one full season, he'll have the chance to cement his name alongside some of the greats in school history.  He might be so good, they'll have to clone a brother for him just so he fits with SU's Gait/Powell legacy format.

*I'm not very good with math.