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Meanwhile, At The King Of Kings League...

triche scoop
triche scoop

When we last left the Prestige Elite, the King of Kings Summer League team comprised of Syracuse stars, they were sitting pretty atop the standings thanks to Brandon Triche and others. The last few weeks have not been quite as kind to the team.

As mentioned here and at previously, Scoop Jardine and James Sutherland left the squad due to lack of playing time.  Jardine did make one final appearance for the team on July 13th, which also happened to be the team's first loss of the season, a 68-59 loss to Gunnas.  Scoop scored 7 while Rick Jackson added 17 & 8 and Brandon Triche added 13. 

Things got back on track on the 22nd when the Elite smoked PJ's All-Stars 86-60. Triche was the only SU player in the line-up and he scored 16 to go with 7 assists.  Unfortunately the euphoria was short-lived as the Elite dropped an overtime heartbreaker to Team 518, 93-87.  Don't blame Rick Jackson (8 pts, 13 rebs) or Triche, who led the team with 29 points.

The Elite now sit in 2nd place at 5-2 behind Gunnas (it might be The Gunnas or Da Gunnas but I'm not sure).  With one game remaining, August 1st against the Gunnas no less, the team is in good shape to make a playoff run.  Triche is averaging just over 18/game and Rick Jackson is putting up solid numbers as well.  The playoffs begin August 7th.