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The Economy Is Destroying Every Sector...Except Syracuse Sports Radio

syracuse radio
syracuse radio

In ten years, when Brent Axe is hosting the Olympics, Monday Night Football, the Tonys and starring in his own FX cop series about a tough-as-nails undercover cop who doesn't play by the rules and dishes out his own brand of street justice, we'll all look back at today as the day we knew The Axeman was going places. 

Today's the day for those of you in the Greater Syracuse area.  Turn on Time Warner Sports on Channel 26 (channel 23 in the Bingo area, channel 13 in Buffalo & channel 813 on HD...whatever that means) at 3:00 EST and you'll be able to watch the simulcast of Brent's On The Block radio program.  If you need more info you can always stop by Time Warner's website, which...well, you know probably just want to steer clear of that thing for now.

If you do happen to watch Axe, let the world know how the first show goes.  Live-tweet it, live-blog it, send screengrabs of Brent with weird facial expressions.  This is the future, people!  Let's do this together!

Speaking of Syracuse-related radio, for my fellow satellite radio subscribers, be sure to mark your calendar from now on for The Mark Zito Show, which airs Midnight - 3am EST on Sirius 108/XM 139. Mark is a current Syracuse student and the youngest talk show host on the Sirius airwaves, so that should make you feel terrible about your wasted life.  The college-themed program is co-hosted by SU professor Steve Granelli and fellow SU students Lindsay Vogelman & Courtaney Craig (whose parents really like to enunciate).You can follow Mark on Twitter as well.

Your move, McClusky.