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I Assume This Means You'll Be Living In Daryl Gross' Basement

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The good news is, you'll get to sit there in Syracuse-branded underwear.  So that's nice.

Bad news, you're going to be writing a lot about DOCTOR Gross' workout regiment, DOCTOR Gross' breakfast contents, DOCTOR Gross' favorite movies and DOCTOR Gross' teeth-brushing practices.  I mean, if you're going to be the Official SU Football Blogger, you're going to have to fill in the dead spaces somehow.  And something tells me you're not going to be able to write 500 words on the majesty of Doug Marrone's thighs.

Syracuse University Athletics is offering the opportunity for one lucky person to become the Official SU Football Blogger for the 2009 Season. The blogger will win 2 VIP season tickets to all 8 home Syracuse football games, a parking pass and much more and in return will write about their experiences. The winner will also receive access to the Orange Club pre-game party in the Quad along with other festivities and special events. The blogs will be posted on the official SU blog site – after every game.

What, no locker room access?  No post-game press-conference appearance?  Well, I guess you gotta start somewhere.

It's quite the opportunity for some intrepid fan.  Of course, there's a strict learning curve you need to get caught up on.  Much like the journalism world needs to adhere AP-style and the like, being the Officiall SU Football Blogger means you need to learn SU Athletics-speak.  For example:

  • South Florida didn't demolish Syracuse 41-3.  Syracuse "fought hard and erupted for three points in the 2nd quarter of hard-fought loss to USF."
  • Greg Paulus didn't go 3-for-35 for 17 yards, 0 touchdowns, six INTs and five lost fumbles.  Greg Paulus "broke various Syracuse single-game records in a valiant effort this past weekend."
  • The actual attendance at the Maine game wasn't 12,000.  The Orange "played with passion in front of an emotionally-charged crowd as they manhandled the 1-AA Maine Bears 14-13."

See the difference? It's the nuances that are going to make or break you in this job. You'll pick it up as you go.

The job is yours as long as you submit a sample blog of why you are the biggest fan of SU Athletics and why you would be a great blogger for SU Football.  Simple enough.  SU even gives you two options on how to submit.  You can, you know, e-mail it to them.  Or you can mail it. You know, U.S. Postal Service.  Yes, your sample BLOG in this BLOGGING competition can be snail-mailed.  Awesome.

Submissions must be delivered by August 17th and the winner will be announced the week of August 24th so get to work.