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FanFest, Best Fest Since AlmostFest.

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Syracuse loves it's Fests and it's almost time for the best one of all (right???).  FanFest!!!

The 2009 football campaign kicks off with its annual fan-favorite event on Friday, August 14. Fanfest welcomes Orange enthusiasts to watch football practice and take part in a variety of other fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Orange enthusiasts?  Makes us sound like art patrons.  "Really, Eloise, the Greg Robinson Era was so very post-modern.  Look at the way it says so much and yet says nothing at all."

On hand for the Fest will be Otto (obviously), the SU cheerleaders (nice), the SU dance team (nicer), inflatable "jumpies" for kids (why just for kids?), face painting (again, not just for kids...), a football toss (can Andrew Robinson join in for old time's sake?), retail tables featuring Syracuse merchandise (duh) and food vendors (churros!). Also available are the official team poster, schedule card and ticket order forms. excuses.

So come on down to Les Vielbig Track (gesundheit!) next to Coyne Schwartzwalder field between 3:45-6:30 p.m on August 14th.  Grab me some cotton candy if you can. Orange-flavored.