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Daily Links - ESPN's Anish Shroff Speaks, Hakim Is Free & Rubio Overhyped

The Big Orange Bloggers: 12 Reasons Why.....Anish Shroff Has Orange Pride On ESPNews
"I enjoy Deadspin, the Big Lead, and Nunes Magician as much as I do the NY Times or Wall Street Journal."

Heisley says Hakim Warrick set free for cap, not A.I. : Grizzlies : Memphis Commercial Appeal
Hakim Warrick is a free man. Good for him, he can find employment outside the black hole that is Memphis.

Orange:44 - Flynn Doing Fine...Others, Not So Much
It’s official: people like Jonny Flynn.

Camp Countdown: Fullbacks
Tony Fiammetta is learning from Brad Hoover in Carolina camp.

Got a question for McNabb? Just ask. -
If ever you've wanted to ask Donovan McNabb a question, here's your chance.

For The Record: Football Fever - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow
I got a fever...and the only more football.

NBA insider says Rubio overhyped
If it were up to NBA Agent Bill Duffy, the T'Wolves wouldn't have drafted Ricky Rubio.

Take a trip down memory lane with this video stroll through Hungry Charley's (and it's restroom):