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If Syracuse Wants To Play At Yankee Stadium, It's Gonna Take Six Wins

Of course now they're talking about playing a bowl game in Yankee Stadium.  Of course they are.  Because nothing says "Congratulations on your successful season, here's your prize" like playing football in the Bronx in the dead of winter.

While both parties have decided they would like the inaugural game to be played in 2011, other details must still be settled, such as agreeing on a date for the game to be played and getting the minimum $2.5 million guarantee the NCAA requires for the participating schools.

If I had to guess, I'd say the Big East would almost assuredly be in the mix for one of the alliances.  Surely at least one or two out of Syracuse/UConn/Rutgers will be available for a slot every year and all three teams would probably take this over an International Bowl berth.  As for the other, you're probably either looking at an Army guarantee if they qualify or a MAC agreement.  Though I suppose they could probably finagle the ACC or even the Big Ten in there, since both conferences wouldn't mind sending a 6-6 team to the #1 market in the nation for a little extra exposure.

Speaking of the International Bowl, if it happens and the Big East wants in (which it will), that probably means they'll cut ties with the Canadian bowl that's hosted many a 6-6 Big East team in recent years.  The Quest For Toronto might be The Quest For The 4-Train very soon.