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Daily Links - Yankee Stadium, The SU Basketball Vault & Paulus Speaks!

Talking Big Ten vs. Big East with Adam Rittenberg - Big East - ESPN
Could Syracuse really win two of it's first three games?

SU (maybe?) misses boat with Yankee Stadium | Daily Orange Sports Blog
"While I understand that Syracuse will eventually play there, missing out on the initial boatload takes away excitement. "

Orange basketball writer Mike Waters chronicles more than a century of Syracuse University basketball -
Check out Mike Waters' "Syracuse University Basketball Vault: The History of the Orange", now available.

Syracuse backs out of series with Virginia Tech - Big East - ESPN
"...the bottom line is that Syracuse has scheduled too aggressively lately...No one else is scheduling like that in the Big East, and it's unnecessarily difficult for a struggling program."

Welcome to Syracuse University News.
Read Walter Cronkite's commencement speech at SU graduation in 1968.

Orange::44: Erin Andrews & Her Video
Orange::44 Correspondent John Brennan chimes in on the Erin Andrews situation.

Rutgers to play ball at Yankee Stadium - Big East - ESPN
Greg Schiano says Ray Rice is the biggest reason Rutgers has turned into a NYC-area power.

Final VERSUS College Football Schedule for 2009, and Hope For the Premiere Games Airing on TV " Puck The Media
The Versus College Football TV schedule is chocked full of Ivy League and Mountain West goodness.

Greg Paulus talks about his decision to come to SU:

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