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The McNamara Plan Moves Into Phase III

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Phase I - Become a legendary Syracuse basketball icon.

Phase II - Return to Syracuse to cement your status through camps, Taco Bell appearances and radio gigs.

Phase III - Become a graduate assistant on the Syracuse basketball team.

Phase IV - Become a full-time assistant coach on the Syracuse basketball team.

Phase V - Get elected Mayor of Syracuse.  Move Mayor's Office into Carrier Dome.

Phase VI - Build a time travel machine, go back in time, kill Hitler, kneecap 8-year-old Keith Smart, plant cocaine on Rick Pitino in 1995 which gets him fired from Kentucky and then return to the present where Syracuse owns three National Titles.  Sarah Palin is now President of the United States but, hey, chalk it up to a little Butterfly Effect.

So yeah, we're at Phase III.  Halfway home.

Former guard Gerry McNamara will join the SU coaching staff as a graduate assistant, Orange coach Jim Boeheim said Wednesday. McNamara had already agreed to make regular appearances on radio station TK-99, home of the Gomez & Dave Morning Show. He's been in town this summer conducting camps at Onondaga Community College.

Boeheim said McNamara will return to the SU campus this fall to take graduate courses and will work with Orange players during the season.

It was an inevitable move for Gerry.  I'm not entirely sure how that affects his radio gig but I'm guessing he won't be appearing on TK99 at halftime anyway.

Gerry might very well be joined by Greg Paulus as well on the staff, meaning that Brandon Triche and Scoop Jardine are going to be schooled in the fine arts of clutchery, big-shottitude, having large cajones and flopping...depending on who's in charge on what day.