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Daily Links - SU Folks On Twitter, SU Undies & The End Of The 2-3 Zone?

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Syracuse University Athletics - SU Athletics Social Networking
All your favorite SU Athletics folks on Twitter. (H/T: mlufkin43)

The Bubba Channel - Orange Football Blog
Recent Syracuse commit Rob Welsh of St. Anthony's uploaded some videos of himself.

Rookie Rankings: How they stack up after Summer League - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Jonny Flynn is rated the #2 rookie from Summer League. Who needs Ricky Rubio? (H/T: MarshallSt)

Column: Rule changes in the offing for college basketball | Jacksonville Daily News
Could a new rules change mean the beginning of the end for the 2-3 Zone Defense?

The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports
"This is certainly the mystery team in the Big East this season, not because anyone actually expects the Orange to contend, but because it's just impossible to tell in what direction Syracuse will go."

Injury draws former Onondaga Central star Latavius Murray back to Syracuse - Sports News
Donna Ditota delves into the Latavius Murray situation and sees where's he at in the rehab process.

Victoria's Secret Pink - Collegiate Collection
Celebrate your Syracuse fandom by wearing ultra-cut underwear.

TMZ set to unveil infamous 'Crawford on LeBron' dunk footage - Yahoo! Sports
Prepare to be utterly disappointed, sweet world. TMZ set to unveil infamous 'Crawford on LeBron' dunk footage.

Big East, football, coaches, job security, hot seat > Buster Sports
Which Big East coaches are on the Hot Seat?