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Daily Links - New York's College Team?

Miscues cost Rochester Raiders in first round of playoffs -
The Rochester Raiders lost last night in the 1st round of the playoffs. Don't blame Perry Patterson, he finished with 212 yards on 20-of-32 passing and five total touchdowns.

New York's College Team? -
Did Syracuse get snubbed in this whole Yankee Stadium deal?

Fan Poll: What are the best lacrosse towns out there? | IL Blog Central
Vote for Syracuse as the best lacrosse town in the nation. Don't let Long Island win! It's not even a town!

Q&A with UCF Coach George O'Leary: Knights' QBs, the BCS and more -
UCF Coach George O'Leary confirms that RB Latavius Murray is considering a transfer. Rumors having him coming to SU.

Watertown Daily Times | Powell set records, but entertained, too
Mikey Powell is the 85th greatest athlete in North Country history.

Facebook |
Become a Facebook Fan of Hopefully they don't send along a lot of "Hot or Not" quizzes.

Dan Shanoff: vs Local Newspaper Sports
Fantastic article on what the ESPN local websites means to the local media.