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Syracuse "In The Mix" For Some Yankee Stadium Action

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The most sought-after opponent in college football right now? Not Florida. Not Oklahoma. Not even USC.'s Army.

The Cadets somehow became the automatic quarterback in the backyard football game called the Yankee Stadium College Football stakes and now they're doling out the ball to whomever they wish, whenever they wish. So you better be nice to them Army boys if you want a chance to play on the hallowed grounds that Eric Hinske calls home.

As we already knew, Army and Notre Dame made it official today that they will play each other at Yankee Stadium in 2010, the first college football game in the stadium since 1987 (well, technically the first ever in THIS stadium but, you know what I mean).

That's all the official announcement said, though Army did mention that they plan on making a separate announcement Wednesday in regards to their future football schedule. They'll probably be mentioning that they'll be returning to Yankee Stadium in 2011, this time to play Rutgers.

Rutgers will play Army in 2011 in the second football game at the new Yankee Stadium, The Post has learned. The two schools will meet a second time in The Bronx, but that season is still to be determined.

So at this point, much like DOCTOR Daryl Gross, you're thinking "hey, what about know...New York's College Team?!?!?" Well if playing football in the Bronx appeals to you, don't worry, it's almost a foregone conclusion that we'll get our shot, possibly as soon as 2012. Just in time for the novelty to wear off!

Whether you are excited by the opportunity or not, you can bet your sweet ass that the good DOCTOR is thrilled at the chance. A Syracuse game in New York City where you can bet the stands are packed with SU alums. Done and done. Of course, if we have to lose a home game for it...not so much.

The question that keeps swirling in my mind...other than "How many Sprinkles Cupcakes could I eat in five minutes? Six? I think six," would be "What the hell ever happened to that series with Notre Dame in the Meadowlands?" It's still not on the official schedule and certainly there must be some maneuvering that goes into place in order to make this Yankee Stadium deal work. Also, I'm sure the Meadowlands isn't thrilled about these games upstaging their NYC-area college football plan. Maybe that's part of what we'll find out on Wednesday, maybe not.

In the meantime, I'm curious to get the pulse of you Cusians on this one...