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Send It In, Jerome

According to Donnie Webb, another player has verbally committed to play a little football for Syracuse University starting in 2010.  That would be RB Jerome Smith of Pencader Charter High School in New Castle, DE.

As a junior, Smith rushed 136 times for 956 yards and eight touchdowns. He had 28 catches for 255 yards and two touchdowns. Asked to describe his running style, Smith said, "I can do everything."

The first thing, I FINALLY know an actual high school in New Castle, DE.  You know, for next time.

Depending on who you ask, Smith is in the 5'11"-6'0" range and weighs around 200-210 pounds.  He doesn't seem to show up on any of the recruiting sites as far as I can tell. He was named to the 2nd Team Blue Hen Flight B All-Conference Team in 2008, whatever that means.  He did apparently have another offer, from Wisconsin, but decided to go with the Orange.  The final factor was a ne sais quoi that SU put on the table:

"The told me they like to call all their running backs super backs so they can do everything," Smith said. "Whatever that means, I'm ready to do it."

Smith might not care about the specifics but he does seem to care about running over people, as noted in this video.  What he might lack in speed (4.8 40) he seems to make up for in strength.

Donnie spoke with Smith's coach about what Jerome brings to the table as well as finding out how much of a plus SU's running back tradition was to his interest.

While we're on the topic of recruits and new players, lots of rumblings and grumblings the last couple days about former Onondaga High School player Latavius Murray, currently at UCF, who might be looking to transfer and do so specifically to the hometown Orange.  Murray is coming off a torn ACL (our specialty!) and might be looking for a fresh start. And so we wait... (H/T Scout & Spaz)