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Pat Forde May Have Forgotten What The Word Rivalry Means

Pat Forde listed what he thinks are the hottest rivalries in college basketball today. #1 is Kentucky - Louisville.  Fine, sure.  #2 is Michigan State vs. Purdue.  Okay.  #3 is Kentucky vs. Tennessee.  What is this, women's basketball?

Whatever.  So Forde makes it all the way through his his top ten and then lists out a bunch of honorable mentions.  Guess which rivalry doesn't make the list?  Yep, Syracuse vs. Georgetown.  The Syracuse-Georgetown rivalry in which Syracuse students have stormed the court after winning multiple times in recent years.  The Syracuse-Georgetown rivalry in which Eric Devendorf was almost lynched inside the Verizon Center this past season.  You know, that one.  Not a mention.

Oh, but you know what rivalry did make the honorable mention list?  Rutgers vs. Seton Hall.

See now, I don't think you were paying attention so I'm going to write that again.  Rutgers vs. Seton Hall.

Let me make sure you got this.  One of the red-hottest rivalries in all of college basketball is between Rutgers, who finished 11-21 (2-16) last season, and Seton Hall, who finished 17-15 (7-11).  One of the hands-down best rivalries in all of the land is between two teams that have been to the NCAA Tournament a combined three times in the last ten years (all Seton Hall).

Pat, on behalf of Syracuse, Georgetown, Big East and college basketball fans everywhere, I say to you...


H/T: Jon