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Summer League, When Syracuse Rules The NBA

The NBA Summer League begins on July 10 and runs through July 19.  And in that time, Syracuse will just about double the amount of alumni it has in the league, technically-speaking.  Some of the faces are new, some are a little older.  But all will be rooted for.

Obviously, Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris will rep the Timberwolves.  Donte Greene returns to summer league for the Kings where he originally made his mark last year. Some old friends also make returns to the Summer League in an attempt to catch on in the NBA.  Demetris Nichols is apparently back, this time for the Raptors according to Mike Waters. And Darryl "Moose" Watkins is gonna give it a go for the Rockets, who are in need of some help down low now that Yao Ming is gone.

Wither Terrence Roberts?

It doesn't look like any of the teams play each other during the nine-day schedule, but hopefully they all find a little time to get together and take in a Cirque de Soleil show.