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Is Jonny Flynn On The Trading Block?

If Minnesota is actually able to work out Ricky Rubio's deal and bring him to the NBA, Jonny may just be on his way out of Minny after all.

Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn is planning a trip to Spain to meet DKV Joventut officials about lowering the steep $6.6 million buyout clause in draft pick Ricky Rubio’s(notes) contract, sources with knowledge of Kahn’s plans told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday.

If Rubio gets the buyout done, most expect Kahn will trade [Jonny] Flynn, who was considered one of the elite point guards in the draft.

Now, everything about this Minnesota situation has been required to be taken with a pillar of salt from the beginning.  Everyone KNEW Flynn wouldn't be drafted by the T'wolves after they took Rubio.  Then everyone KNEW Flynn or Rubio would be traded on draft night.  Then everyone KNEW that Rubio was not coming to play in the US for 2 years.  So now when people KNOW that Flynn is going to be traded...treat it as you like.  Perhaps though, Flynn's dream of playing for the Knicks isn't dead after all.

Remember this is Dave Kahn were talking about so no idea if he can even get this done.  He does however have every intention of making Rubio his franchise player.  So even if this doesn't work out for the T'wolves, you have to imagine that Kahn is slowly burning his bridge with Jonny.  He'll always be Kahn's second choice and no matter how good he becomes over the next few years, there will always be a sense of what-could-have-been.  And Flynn will have to be aware of that and how he's perceived by the higher-ups.

Whether or not Flynn is traded in the coming weeks or leaves once his rookie contract is up, it seems like the writing is currently being written on the wall very clearly.  Flynn will not spend a lot of time in Minnesota, be it by Dave Kahn's choice or by his own