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ESPY Voters Would Rather Watch The Arizona Cardinals Than Six-Overtime Basketball

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Either that or this was the only way ESPN could convince Ben Rothliesberger to show up at the awards show. 

The epic© six-OT Syracuse-UConn was up for Best Game at the 2009 ESPYs last night and unfortunately it just wasn't good enough to win.  The Super Bowl match-up between the Steelers and Cardinals stole the award.  The message was loud and clear...unless you're going eight-overtimes...don't even bother.

Syracuse did manage to kinda-sorta win an award on the evening.  The Express: The Ernie Davis Story was named Best Sports Movie.  That's odd, considering this is a viewer-voting-based show.  That means that, in all likelihood, more people voted The Express as Best Sports Movie of 2009 than actually saw it in theaters.

Oh, and if by telling you this information days before the ESPYs air, I've spoiled the experience for are a humongous tool.  As to why this show isn't broadcast live on the one night of the year where there is no major sport events i.e. all sports fan eyeballs are available...I don't know.  I get that Sunday is generally a larger audience night than Wednesday, but still. Given the timing and this thing we call the Internets, that just seems silly.