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Vegas, Bubbe, Vegas

Ed Helms and Heather Graham in Warner Bros. Pictures' The Hangover - 2009
Ed Helms and Heather Graham in Warner Bros. Pictures' The Hangover - 2009

Next week's going to be a light one with the updates.  I'm in Las Vegas Monday through Wednesday for work-related reasons.  In theory, it's perfect timing since newly-signed Jonny, Paul, Evil Donte, Mookie and Demetris are all going to be there but the chances of me actually finding time to catch a game are relatively nonexistent.  I'll just have to hope I run into them at a Hard Rock Casino craps table or something.

I'll be checking in at odd hours and probably not often, so keep an eye on the site but consider yourself on your own until Thursday.  In case you don't know what to do with yourself, here's some pointers:

Twitter - I will be tweeting a lot more often than blogging, especially with some bon mots about Vegas (It's so hot!  People are fat! Gambling is interesting!)  You won't want to miss it. - I think Bud and Donnie are on vacation but Mike, Donna and Ryan "LeBron Killer" Miller are on the scene...whatever that means.

Radio - Axe is going on vacation but Mike Waters is filling in for him.  Be nice.  And Matt Mc's Sports Fix will be there for you, he never goes on vacation (he's not allowed).

Cuse blogs - Most of the blogs are taking a break or keeping a low profile (Wah...I'm studying for the bar...wah)The Three Idiots are keeping up the pace and The Orange Fizz is a recruiting news and podcast factory (check out the latest news on Fab Melo while there).

Go outside. Throw a ball around.  Learn your kids' names. - Maybe.  Nah.

By all means, if something big happens, keep me posted.  Use those FanPosts & FanShots. Oh and if by chance you're going to be in Las Vegas Monday or Tuesday, let me know.  We can meet up at Circus Circus and watch the acrobats together.

While I'm gone, work on your swing.  Here's some pointers from someone who knows.