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Daily Links - We Have A Thompson Brother!

Jeremy Thompson enrolls at Syracuse - Orange Lacrosse Blog
Jeremy Thompson, the eldest of the four LaFayette lacrosse-playing brothers, has enrolled at Syracuse University, SU officials confirmed.  FINALLY!

Syracuse 2010 Basketball Recruiting | Hoops Blog
The prospects SU is supposedly "in the running for" according to Rivals for the year 2010:

Home of the FizzCast " Blog Archive " FizzCast - Adam Ross, Fab Melo’s coach
The Fizz sits down with Fab Melo’s coach Adam Ross. D.A. asks the man who took the official visit with Fab about SU, the final schools and watching the ‘Cuse in the tournament in Miami.

Tebucky Jones Sr. Speaks And...What Else We Got? - Desmond Conner | UCONN Football
Tebucky Jones Sr. talks UConn (blech)