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The Greg Paulus Effect

Greg Paulus hasn't even stepped onto the field yet for the Syracuse fact the possibility exists that he may never...yet he's already paying dividends for the program.  According to Niko Tamurian and, it's in the form of getting new recruits.

On Wednesday, we learned that Colorado quarterback Jonny Miller picked SU over offers from Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and San Diego State among others. Miller spoke with Action News on Wednesday and said one of the best parts of his visit was visiting with Greg Paulus and watching film on Drew Brees with him. He also said Paulus answered many of his questions and concerns, opening the door for a commitment.

CuseConfidential also reports that Paulus was also a big help in landing Jeremiah Kobena

Paulus seems to represent the direction that Marrone and his staff want to project.  Paulus is a known quantity, regardless of whether or not he ever plays for the Orange, and he decided to come to Syracuse because he saw opportunity and a chance to rebuild the program.  He'll be gone before we know it, but I'm guessing he's letting these new recruits know the program will be in a much better place when they take over than it is right now. 

Whether or not he ever becomes QB Greg Paulus is TBD but Ambassador Greg Paulus has already paid for his scholarship and he's not done yet.  If Jonny Miller one day ends up delivering on his promise, Greg's short time here might even become more notable than we imagined

H/T: Alex.O/Orange Chuck