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Pam Ward & Syracuse Football, Together Again

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ESPN released their college football announcing schedule for the upcoming season.  As you probably guessed, given that Syracuse will be seeing a lot of action around the noon hour, you're also going to be hearing Pam Ward describing things incorrectly to you.  Goodie.

The Minnesota - Syracuse game will be televised on ESPN2 at noon and, well, that's Pammie's timeslot.  She and Ray Bentley will almost definitely be calling that game.  And now that I think about it...ESPN2...Noon...a Big Ten team is involved...I'm pretty sure Pam Ward is contractually obligated to call this game.

Pam is the two-time defending champion of Awful Announcing's Pammy Awards, which recognize terrible-ness in sports broadcasting.  They also just to happen to be named after her as well.  In case you need a refresher on some of Pam's greatest hits, have at it:

"Greg Orton came over and they slapped each other... on the palms."

"That was the last four drives, Minnesota had five straight five-and-outs."

"Northwestern players...looking over to the sidelines...they want to go for it." (On a 3rd and 9)

"They've gotta spike the ball here!" (On a 4th down play)

"We are coming to you from Heinz Stadium in Pittsburgh..."

"We see a bunch of wet stuff coming up from the ground." (Or rain)

"Great tackle, er, broken tackle by Charles. Gordon finally gets him in the backfield. Gain of 5 for Charles."

The good news is that there doesn't seem to be another game on the schedule (yet) that fits the bill.  The Penn State game will be on the Big Ten Network and the Northwestern game doesn't have a TV home yet...though if it eventually does find its way to a national audience, you can bet that it too will end up on ESPN2 at noon with Pam Ward's dulcet tones in your ear cavity.

Oh and as for the Big East Games of the Week (USF, L'ville & UConn), you'll be hearing from Mike Gleason and John Congemi with Quint Kessenich on the sidelines.