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Curtis Brinkley Shot, In Stable Condition (Updated)

Horrible news this morning.  Former SU running back and current San Diego Charger Curtis Brinkley was shot outside of Philadelphia early this morning.  Not that any shooting isn't horrific, but the circumstances on this one stand out:

Cheltenham Township police said Brinkley, 23, was stopped in his car at the intersection of Spring Avenue and Ashbourne Road just after midnight when a gunman walked up and started blasting with a handgun.

Brinkley, who lives in Philadelphia and reportedly went to Cheltenham to pickup his sister, sped away to escape. The gunman fled in a waiting car. Police found Brinkley wounded in his car nearby.

The AP is now reporting that Brinkley is in stable condition and speaking on the phone with his family so...whew. 

A hospital spokesman says 23-year-old Curtis Brinkley is in stable condition in the intensive care unit at Albert Einstein Medical Center. An uncle, Gregory Brinkley, tells WPVI-TV that he was able to talk with relatives on the phone.  Police say the shooting occurred late Thursday July 9, 2009,  as Brinkley was driving in Cheltenham in Montgomery County, just north of Philadelphia.

Obviously his health is most important but you can't help but think of the timing of all this.  Brinkley is about to begin fighting for a roster spot on the Chargers.  No small feat in general for a rookie, let alone for a team with as many decent RBs as San Diego. 

Brinkley recently became a fixture among the Cuse Twitterati and his most recent post from a few days ago, though in honor of Michael Jackson, is now more than a little foreboding:

Thinks life's to short for regrets! Go hard or go home!!!

More news as it comes out.

UpdateSU has issued a statement: "head coach Doug Marrone and the Orange football family extend their thoughts and prayers" to Brinkley and his family.

Update 2: If you're wondering why Brinkley was in Philly, he mentions on Twitter that he is there to "work out...for the month."

Update 3:  According to ABC6 in Philadelphia, "His family says he was shot in the shoulder and the leg and is awaiting surgery. His relatives say they are glad his injuries are not life-threatening, but are concerned they may impact his NFL prospects." 

Also, speculation about the shooter has started though it's JUST speculation. "Brinkley's uncle, George Brinkley, says his nephew was on his way to pick up his sister, and may have been shot by the sister's boyfriend, who she had argued with."

Update 4: adds a description of the shooter and a contact # for anyone with info:

Investigation revealed that Brinkley was stopped in his vehicle near the intersection of Spring Avenue and Ashbourne Road when a gunman approached and fired a handgun multiple times. Brinkley fled the scene to a place of safety, where police said they responded and transported him to the hospital.

Witnesses described the shooter as a light-complexion black male of medium height and build, last seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Police said he fled to a waiting vehicle that had been parked on an adjacent street, leaving the scene immediately after the shooting.

Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call Cheltenham Township Police at 215-885-1600.