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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #96 Zary Stewart

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get to know

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Player: Zary Stewart

Number: #96

Position:Defensive End

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 229 lbs

HometownUpper Marlboro, MD

High SchoolFrederick Douglass Sr.

Major: Communications and Rhetorical Studies

2007 Stats:DNP

2008 Stats: DNP

2009 Projections: Zary is 2nd-team on the depth chart at behind Jared Kimmel so he should have ample opportunity to step on to the field and record an actual statistic.

How'd He Get Here:  I wasn't able to find out too much about his high school stats other than that he was named to the all-county second team following his junior season.  That's something.  Stewart caught the eye of the Orange, and just the Orange apparently.  They're the only team listed on his Scout/Rivals profiles.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?:  Considered a two-star recruit by Scout, Zary was ranked the 18th-best prospect in Maryland.  Rivals agreed and put him at two-stars as well.

Money Quote: None I could find.

Links Of Wonder: It might not count in the stat book, but Zary won't soon forget his 75-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown in the spring game.

The offense was facing fourth-and-1 from the 40. Quarterback Ryan Nassib made a great play-fake and completed a short pass on a bootleg to tight end Cody Catalina. Outside linebacker Parker Cantey got to Catalina and stripped the ball away. Stewart picked it up, picked up a defensive escort and rolled down the sideline for the score.

In the end zone, the entire defense both on the field and on the sideline ran to Stewart for the celebration.

What Does Marrone Think?: No idea.  Guess he must like him if he's still on the team and reasonably high on the depth chart.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: The high school football field that Zary played on was paid for by LaVar Arrington, whose brother also played for the team.  He donated $70K to install the new grass and sprinklers.

Let Me Get a Good Look At You: No game footage of Stewart I could find.  He's in this video somewhere, either lifting, flexing or talking to the camera.  Perhaps all three:

Photo: Frank Ordoñez /The Post-Standard