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Believe It Or Not, Syracuse Still Has Enough Players To Form Depth Chart

It's only fitting that since the Syracuse football roster is in such flux these days that a brand,spanking new depth chart be released as to give us some semblance of order. 

Problem is, by the time you read this 57 more players will have left the SU football team.  Still, in the spirit of the announcement, let's take a look:

Delone Carter, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.  Despite the fact that Curtis Brinkley is gone, he's still #2 on the depth chart.  This time he's behind Antwon "I Swear To God The Notre Dame Game Wasn't a Fluke" Bailey though you can expect to see both of them getting substantial time.  Don't forget about Averin Collier either, he should be seeing some decent PT as well. Daniel Collier is the FB.

Greg Paulus is your third-string quarterback.  For now.  Team Nassib sighs in relief.

Marcus Sales, welcome to the starting line-up.  Sales will line up across the field from Mike Williams while Donte Davis sits pretty in the slot.  Backing them up are Da'Mon Merkerson, Daniel Bailey and Van Chew.  Missing from both of those lines?  Lavar Lobdell!  Last year was a disappointment for Lavar and he's got an uphill climb from the third position behind Marcus and Da'Mon.

Mike Owen is your go-to Tight End while Nick Provo will see some action in two-TE sets.  Poor Andrew Robinson, he's buried all the way down there in the sixth spot.

Your starting OL for the moment...Center (and team smartypants) Jim McKenzie, LT Nick Speller, LG Ryan Bartholomew, RG Adam Rosner and RT Tucker Baumbach.  The Orange have a serious depth issue at guard where Justin Pugh is the only backup on the roster. 

Defensively, some good news, at least on paper.  Arthur Jones and Jared Kimmel join Andrew Lewis and Chandler Jones on the front line.  Looks like hopes are still high the two will recover in full from their injuries.  Nice to see The Jones Brothers together at last...Jones Brothers...Jonas Brothers...uh-oh...just got an idea for later...

Linebacker is a spot of concern for the Orange given the many lost roster spots so former RB Doug Hogue, Derrell Smith and recent transfer Derek Hines will have the eye of Sauron fixed firmly upon them.  If they falter, Dan Vaughn, Mike Stenclik & E.J. Carter are waiting in the wings.

Your first-string corners will be The Scott & Scott Connection.  Kevyn and Nico will hold down the wings while freshman Shamarko Thomas and John Mark Henderson back them up.  In the safety slots you've got Max Suter and converted-corner Mike Holmes.  Our boy Philip Thomas is currently third-string for strong safety.

Your kicker is freshman Shane Raupers, not like you had a choice in the matter, your punter is Rob Long and Dalton Phillips is your long snapper. 

Of the players who were starters last season, only two are not rated as such at the moment (Cam Dantley & Lavar Lobdell...assuming you don't count Andrew Robinson).  Of course, much of this is bound to change over the next couple months but, it's all starting to take shape. Check out the full depth chart here.