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The Flynn Flies: Beginning of Something Special - Court Surfing
It happened sometime between minutes 40 and 67. During the six-overtime victory against UConn, the rest of the world learned what Orange Nation had known all along: Jonny Flynn was a warrior. Thinking he'd be coming back for another year at 'Cuse, his decision changed almost overnight after his performance in the Big East Tournament made his stock rise...When change comes, it comes quickly.

Tierney's move to Denver removes a favorite target from Syracuse University men's lacrosse scene - Orange Lacrosse Blog
Perhaps Syracuse University men's lacrosse fans are breathing a sigh of relief this morning upon reflecting on news of the announcement. To many, Tierney is the evil genius who developed zone defenses designed to ground the high-flying offensive style best defined at SU, with all due respect to Virginia, Duke and other second-generation fun-and-gun teams.

Several Syracuse University men's lacrosse alums trying out for 2010 U.S. World Games team - Orange Lacrosse Blog on
Several SU alums are among the 84 players trying to make the squad. They are attackmen Mike Leveille (2008) and Ryan Powell ('00) and midfielders Matt Abbott, ('09), Steven Brooks ('08), Dan Hardy ('09), Brendan Loftus ('08) and Jarett Park ('05). No SU underclassmen are at the tryouts.

Ten Not-So-Hard Questions With Jameel McClain -
Former SU star and current Baltimore Raven Jameel McClain's answers the soft-hitting questions.

Three Idiots on Sports: The End of an Era
The Idiot's favorite receiver and darkhouse Heisman contender Chaz Cervino is transferring to Hofstra.

Which Big East teams fattened up on cupcakes? - Big East - ESPN
The worst offenders in the cupcake buffet line from the Big East since 2005.  Shockingly, Rutgers not the worst.

The Case Against Penn State - The Rivalry, Esq.
Most Pre-Season polls are showing Penn State as a Top 15 team. They're wrong, and here's why.

Syracuse University Athletics - Path to the NCAA Championship: Bush
Pretty sure this headline is naughty. And valid.

Jonny talks about his influences and musical interludes: