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Playing The Numbers Game

Expect to see quite a few folks in the Carrier Dome wearing a #2 Syracuse football jersey this fall.  Well, at least the people sitting with the Paulus family.  You can expect to see Greg Paulus wearing it too as it looks like the new players have officially been added to the SU football roster and jersey numbers have been assigned as well. 

I'm not saying Greg Paulus is the messiah but...take his jersey number.  Double it.  Now take that number and put two of it next to each other...what do you get?  44.  We are all witnesses...

Also, let's just say Paulus is the starting QB this bout the "2-to-1" connection with Mike Williams.  Let's work on that.  I see a T-shirt in there somewhere.

As for the entire list of newbies, here's what we've got:

#2 - Greg Paulus, QB

#13 - Philip Thomas, DB

#15 - Alec Lemon, WR

#17 - Charley "Ridiculously Good Looking" Loeb, QB

#18 - John Mark Henderson, DB

#22 - Torian Phillips, WR

#30 - Rishard Anderson, FS

#31 - Dale Peterman, CB

#34 - Earl Carter, Jr., LB

#42 - Shane Raupers, K

#43 - Shamarko Thomas, CB

#44 - No one. Cause we're lame.

#45 - Derek Hines, LB

#62 - Andrew Phillips

#66 - Andrew Tiller, OT

#68 - Justin Pugh, OG

#75 - Zack Chibane, C

#89 - Thomas Trendowski, TE

#91 - Brandon Sharpe

#93 - Jarel Lowery, NT

#95 - Torrey Ball, DE

By the way, there's a couple names on there I'm pretty sure I've never heard before.  Namely, Earl Carter, Jr.  Turns out he was a high school teammate of our good friend Philip Thomas.  Any friend of Philip is a friend of ours.

Also noticed Dale Peterman and Dan Vaughn are both listed as #31.  Awwwwwkward.  One of them is either off the team or there's going to erect a steel cage at the 50-yard line any day now...