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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #98 - Romale Tucker

Photo Credit: Mark U.
Photo Credit: Mark U.

First off, big thanks to Mark for the fancy banner there.  And so, our series continues as we get to know every member of the Syracuse football team with #98 - Romale Tucker.

Player: Romale A. Tucker

Number: #98

Position:Defensive End

Year:Redshirt Freshman


Weight:231 lbs

Hometown: Washington D.C.

High School: Milford Academy (New Berlin, NY)

2008 Stats: DNP

2009 Projections: Was third on the DE depth chart at the beginning of camp.  While he managed to make some good plays during the spring, one didn't get the feeling he made significant moves up the chart.  Expect to see him play but he's not a starter.

How'd He Get Here: Originally committed to Virginia in September 2006, Romale changed his mind five months later and committed to Syracuse instead.  You can thank his mother, who wanted him to attend SU.  In fact, his mom also is behind his move to Milford Academy in high school.  Mama Tucker is watching, always.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?:Scout rated Tucker as a three-star strong-side LB coming out of high school, the 27th best in the nation.  Rivals also listed him at three stars, though they put him at 36th best overall. Rivals also considered him the 5th best D.C. prospect.

Money Quote: "I have a lot of younger siblings that are growing up, and the older guys above me weren't really setting really good examples, so it's very important to me as a Tucker to lead my family."

Links Of Wonder: I'm reminded of this post I wrote when Romale originally committed and almost caused me to get slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

What Does Marrone Think?: No official quote I could find.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: No explanation on what Romale means exactly but his mama did give him the name for a very specific purpose: "I told him a long time ago, I said, 'I gave you a name that was going to ring all over the nation...I said, 'That's why you're name is Romale Tucker; that name is going to take you very far.'"

Let Us Get A Good Look At You:

Any Chance We Can See You Freestyling And Experimenting With MovieMaker While Shirtless?:  Why not.