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Thompson (Not Quite) Twins

Because it wouldn't be a Syracuse lacrosse off-season if we didn't have speculation about a recruit or recruits from Onondaga Community College possibly coming to Syracuse depending on whether or not they have satisfied the academic requirements...we now all turn to The Thompson Brothers.

You know the Thompsons, we've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Jeremy and Jerome for two years now.  A documentary about them and their struggles going from the reservation to the Carrier Dome first brought them to our attention.  Then they enrolled at OCC where all they did was win national titles and score points at an astounding pace. If Cody Jamieson was the crown jewel of that program the last couple seasons, the Thompson Brothers were the stately princes waiting in the wings. This past season the school won another national title, their third in four seasons and in no small part thanks to the Thompsons.

Dave Rahme spoke with Chuck Wilbur, the head coach of the Onondaga Community College men's lacrosse team, the other day and got a quick update on the brothers as they try to fulfill their dream of playing for the Orange.  First up, Jerome:

Jerome Thompson led the nation with 65 goals and 56 assists for 121 points and was recently named the NJCAA offensive player of the year. Wilbur said Jerome is taking classes over the summer to try to graduate in time to gain admittance to SU in the fall. He said Jeremy graduated last month and is in the process of applying at SU.

"He's ecstatic," Wilbur said. "He's walking around like he's 20 pounds lighter, having that burden over with. Now, it's out of his hands. Obviously, he wants to go to Syracuse, but if things don't work out, trust me, others are looking at him. A lot of Division I coaches have called asking about him."

Don't get too excited just yet, clearly there's still issues.  "If things don't work out?"  Why wouldn't they work out?   Hmmm... How bout Jeremy?

Jeremy Thompson, who like his brother starred at LaFayette High before attending OCC, is an exceptional midfielder and faceoff specialist with the ability to create instant offense after winning draws. He would be a welcome addition to the Orange if he gains admittance. As it took him three years to get his junior-college degree, he would have only two years of eligibility at SU.

So even if both make it into SU now, they only have two years of eligibility left due to their spending one season playing lacrosse in Canada while at OCC.  Still, I'm sure we'll gladly take it.  

OrangeChuck, who recently starting Big Orange Bloggers again, sympathizes with the brothers and asks for folks 'round here not to be so quick to judge about all the academic and credit-related issues:

Much seems to be made in the [article] comments section about them struggling at O.C.C. and passing on them because of it. I think this is one of those situations though where unless you are in their shoes, you don't know the whole story. Syracuse has an admission's standard and if these two young men meet them, then they should be eligible to play. Not everyone will excel as quickly as others and it's entirely possible they had personal reasons, learning disabilities or many other reasons for staying as long as they did at the school but it is not for us to judge as long as they meet the standards and I am sure Syracuse will be sure they do before admitting them. We seem so jaded anymore about anyone who may struggle that many enjoy judging them before giving them a chance.

Good point.  Nitpick academics all you like, if you're an SU lacrosse fan, you'll take these guys regardless of how well they do in Calculus.