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Jonny Cash

Original Photo: Dennis Nett / The Post-Standard, 2009.  Pile of Cash, me.
Original Photo: Dennis Nett / The Post-Standard, 2009. Pile of Cash, me.

When Jonny Flynn went pro, many Syracuse fans wondered if this was the right decision for the diminutive point guard.  A couple months later, let there be no doubt...Jonny was right.  Just look how much everyone love him...

First up, Chad Ford went and asked fifteen actual NBA GMs on their opinions about players in the upcoming draft.  Specifically, he asked them to rate their top picks for point guard.  It's a loaded field, including Flynn, Ricky Rubio, Ty Lawson, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday and many more.  Among then, two GMs rated Jonny #1 and and three more had him at #2.  Considering Rubio and Curry are projected ahead of Flynn in most mocks, that's pretty impressive.

According to the Niagara Gazette, Ford also noted that several GMs said Flynn gave the best interview of any prospect at the combine, impressing clubs with his personal charisma (I don't have ESPN Insider so I'll take their word for it).

Speaking of mocks, DraftExpress put out it's most recent one and they have Jonny going #10 to the Bucks.  More and more that's sounding like the appropriate place to pencil in Flynn, though we all know how much that can change come draft day.

The Raptors have the ninth pick in the draft and though they might not have point guard as the top priority on their checklist, they brought in Jonny and five other players to workout.   On Brent Axe's radio show, Mike Waters felt as though this was more of a base-covering move rather than a serious look at Flynn.  No worries, plenty of teams seem happy to take him.

Chris McManus over at WAER Sports put together a list of NBA comparisons for the trio of SU players entering the draft.  He sees Jonny as a Rajon Rondo/Chauncey Billups-combo.  High praise, though Jonny has much more of a propensity for showing up when it matters most than Billups. (Does it tell you everything you need to know about me and my knowledge of the NBA that I don't even know who that guy he compares Paul Harris to is?)

Finally, how bout we hear from the man himself?  Ryan from HoopsAddict was on hand as Jonny spoke about his workout in Toronto and how growing up in Niagara almost qualifies him to be Canadian anyway.  Ryan also mentioned that Andy Rautins was on hand to show some support for Jonny.  The fauxhawk always represents.