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Was Greg Paulus Almost A Golden Eagle?

If Boston College were still in the Big East, it might have been so.  Then again, I don't think BC's communications department quite measures up to Newhouse, so...  They do have a communications department at BC, right?  They know how to verbally communicate there...yes?  No?  Who knows.

The Eagles, much like the Orange, find themselves without a sure thing at the quarterback position this year.  So when Greg announced he was shopping himself around, they briefly toyed with the idea of bringing him in:

Spaziani was diffusing his concern with humor, but he faces difficult decisions. The Eagles even considered trying to get former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus to come to BC before he opted for Syracuse, where he will try out at quarterback, but were quickly denied because of an ACC rule that prevents transfers between conference schools.

"Believe me, we talked about [Paulus]," said Spaziani, who also has had to adjust at fullback as James McCluskey continues his recovery from a broken leg suffered last season. "We are talking about a lot of things."

Sorry bout all that, BC.  Good news is, I'm pretty sure you only have to win 7 games to win your division in the ACC this year.

As for newly-minted Orangeman Greg Paulus, you haven't heard too much from him recently because he's still prohibited from conducting interviews on the hill.  Though, in a show of just how dumb that rule is, Greg literally just had to drive across town to his former high school in order to talk to anyone he wanted.  Watch the video after the jump...

Should I be concerned about this?

Paulus says he expects to be granted the necessary NCAA waiver, although no timetable has been given to him on when the process will be complete.

Uh...ok.  I know we have time but...we don't have THAT much time before Greg needs to be on the practice field.  I mean, what's the hold-up?  I honestly want to know, who is the person over at the NCAA HQ in charge of this and what else do they have on their plate that could be holding up this decision?  Why do things like this take such indeterminably-long timeframes to finalize?  Does Myles Brand have to sign everything that goes through there?  (I'm afraid to know the answer...)