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Yo Quiero Gerry McNamara?

gerry bell
gerry bell

The Greater Syracuse area is experiencing an embarrassment of Gerry McNamara riches these days.  First news came down that GMac will be hosting a basketball camp in town.  Now comes word that, if you want to, you can start on one end of a Grilled Stuft Burrito, Gerry will start on the other end and you can meet in the middle.*

*possibly not part of the event.

Gerry will be appearing at the Taco Bell on Erie Blvd. on Sunday, June 7th from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.  He'll be there on behalf of the Syracuse Boys & Girls Club signing basketballs.  Of course you can bring your own item to be signed as well, you'll still need to drop the fiver...for a good cause.

While you're there, I GUESS you could splurge on a Gordita or something.  I mean, look, Taco Bell didn't do this for financial gain, they're doing it for the kids.  So really it's on you to help them out.  For once in your life, will you help Taco Bell help you???

Oh and pick me up a 1/2 lb. Beef & Potato Burrito while you're there. For my friend. 

(And yes, I spelled Stuft correctly in this instance.  Hooray for faux-edgy marketing!)

Update: The Gerry McNamara Media Blitz continues!  If you're in the Syracuse area, listen to Gerry on Brent Axe's On The Block show tomorrow at 5pm EST and if you're in the North Country listen to GMac on Matt Mc's Sports Fix shortly thereafter.