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The Fabulous Barton Boys

Syracuse basketball is no stranger to package deals.  Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson were just that, coming out of the same high school in Philly.  Jonny & Paul weren't a package deal per se but they did come from the same school as well. (I'm sure there are others and I feel an OrangeHoops post coming on...). 

But how about brothers?  I'm thinking we haven't tried that yet, right?  (I'm sure someone will prove me wrong shortly)...

Let me introduce you to Antonio and Will Barton.  Both are juniors (though they are not twins) at Lake Clifton In Baltimore. No need to introduce them to SU's hoop staff, they're already intimately aware of each other.

Will is the more prized of the two, rated a five-star player by Rivals.  His photo on that page is also rated five-stars (Jesus, give the kid a second to compose himself before you snap his photo).  Syracuse is recruiting him hard (nh) and is in strong competition with Kentucky (Calipari!!!), Memphis, Pitt, Villanova, Maryland (been after him since his freshman year) and many others.  Be sure to check out this read on a recent All-Star game that Barton stole from some fellow five-stars.

As for Antonio, he's no slouch.  Rated three-stars by Rivals, he's got offers on the table from five schools, none of whom are SU, though the Orange have shown some interest.  There is some overlap on both of their lists and many have wondered if the brothers are indeed a package deal, i.e. if you want Will you gotta take Antonio too. 

Antonio says while that's not entirely true, it's not out of the question either:

"Oh yeah, we talk about [playing together in college] all the time," [Will] Barton said. "I just want to say that Antonio, he’s a great player by himself. He doesn’t need me. He has schools that are recruiting him that aren’t recruiting me, so he’s proven that he can do it by himself this year. We would like [to play together], but whichever situation is best, that’s the one we’ll take. Him playing by himself, me playing by myself ... playing together ... whichever the best situation is, then that’s what we’re going to roll with."

The Orange have one ace in the hole in the fact that Will played on the same Baltimore All-Star team as SU 2010 commit C.J. Fair.  Depending on how close they are, that might influence Will to follow suit.  Of course, maybe they hate each other and that will be the reason he doesn't come here...what the hell do I know?

Check out some video below of both guys, but before you do, take a moment to do a golf clap for the Orange and their recruiting prowess in the Baltimore area.  Carmelo, Donte, Fair and possibly now the Bartons.  At what point does Gary Williams call Jim Boeheim and say "Fine.  You win.  You can have Baltimore.   Jesus Christ.  I hate you."?  I give it one more year.