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Hammond optimistic about finding good player - JSOnline
Eric Devendorf works out for the Timberwolves. (H/T: Alex)

Three Idiots on Sports: Ebay Item of the Week
A 1988 Sugar Bowl T-shirt on eBay inspires a look back at a more innocent time for Syracuse football.

King Otto's World
The folks over at KOW tackle conference expansion and Cuse talk. - High hopes for KSU's Hamilton
Meet the female Greg Paulus (insert redundancy joke here)

Puck Daddy chats with Hall of Famer Bobby Hull about Blackhawks, beer, Jim Brown
"I used to go to the Bears games and watch Jimmy Brown. One of the greatest, if not the greatest runner in football. I watched him play and kind of emulated him on the ice; the way he used his off-arm to sweep people away." (H/T: Chris)

NSU transfer from Syracuse will aid offensive line | |
Norfolk State picked up its first big-school transfer of the spring Wednesday and continued to shore up if its offensive line, announcing the signing of guard Michael Kay from Syracuse. - Defensive coordinator rankings
Coach P rated the 10th best DC in the NFL - Steven M. Sipple
How about eradicating the USA Today college football coaches’ poll altogether?  Not a bad idea actually.