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Finally, A Place On Syracuse's Campus To Play Basketball

It was time for the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center a.k.a. The Melo Center to meet the press today.  And she (it's still a she even though it's named after a dude, right?  That's the rules, no?) put on quite a show, even if she's still getting dressed.

It was project manager Gus Hernandez' time to shine today as he introduced many a journalist to the still-under-construction facility that is on schedule to be fully operational come the Fall.  He shares plenty of info with everyone about the status of the complex and seems excited about being a part of the job.  Sadly, that's still not good enough for them to get his first name right:

Greg Hernandez, project manager at Hayner Hoyt, which is coordinating construction of the project, said former SU star Carmelo Anthony was instrumental in drafting early plans for the building. Anthony, Hernandez said, provided input about specific training options and study rooms.

On Wednesday, reporters milled through the dusty skeleton of the facility as construction workers buzzed around them. Hernandez said the project is proceeding on schedule. Workers are currently tackling the interior of the structure, putting up sheet rock and hammering out other details. Within the next month, Hernandez said, they will address the exterior of the building and the sidewalks leading to the facility.

Coach Boeheim was also speaking about the facility.  He mentioned it will be the home for almost all SU men's practices, though the team will still shoot around in the Dome from time to time. 

You can read the rest of the article or check out a photo gallery full of thrilling images of steel beams.

CNYCentral's Alex Dunbar reports from the Center and while most of what he finds out matches what everyone else has to report, he uncovers something so shocking it defies explanation.

It seems that despite the fact that he is very much alive, Carmelo Anthony's ghost is already haunting the facility! The shocking evidence is after the jump...


I added the handy text and arrow just in case.  You see him?  I KNOW!  Crazy, right?  I can't wait to get in there with my EVP Detector, you guys.  I'm so going to go there when it's late and really dark and overreact to every little sound and noise I hear.  I can hear him even now, calling out to me from beyond the grave...