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Who's House? Brandon Triche's House.

Meanwhile...back at the King of Kings Basketball League...

The summer season is underway and as we know various incoming, current and former Syracuse players are plying their wares therein.  We're only a couple games into the season but if early goings are any indication, Brandon Triche is already establishing himself as cock of the walk. 

Playing for Prestige Elite, Triche led the team to victory over Da Bombers in the first game of the season with a 76-58 win.  Brandon scored 16 points and added 7 assists.  Fellow Orangeman Scoop Jardine added 12 and James Sutherland added 6 points and 6 boards.  Elite held off the one-man-wrecking-crew that is Josh Wright, who led Da Bombers with 27 points.  Where did THAT come from???

n the second game of the season, Jardine and Sutherland were MIA so Triche picked up the pace, scoring 25, dishing 5 and rebounding 5 to lead the team to a 79-62 win over Streetz Officials (which I assume were different than the actual officials officiating the game). 

The Elite sit alone atop the League Standings and will try to keep that going with a win over Greater Grace tomorrow.  If you're in the area, an SU fan and you AREN'T checking these games out, I hereby deem you a crazy person.