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Devo Takes It On Faith, He Takes It To The Heart, The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Minnesota is quickly becoming the Land of 1,000 Syracuse Grads.  Now that we know Paul Harris is heading to the Timberwolves' Summer League team to play alongside Jonny Flynn and Etan Thomas, we can rest easy.  Everyone is taken care of and sorted out.


Oh...Eric...I almost forgot you were there.  My bad.

No, Eric will not be joining the rest of the Syracuse clan in Minny (at least not yet).  Instead, Devo has begun the process of weighing offers from Europe against giving it a go in the NBDL.

"We've been hearing from certain teams for some time," [Devo's agent Chris] Luchey said. "There's definitely interest there. We're just weighing Eric's options."

Now he is hoping to hear from an NBA team about a spot on its summer-league entry. The goal, said Luchey, would be to make an NBA team's roster. But an additional benefit would be the chance to play this summer in front of scouts from European teams.

The trade-off is substantial.  If he's able to catch on and play summer ball with an NBA team and parlays that into an NBDL contract, he's talking minimal money.  But a European contract can mean six figures.  What's a Devo to do?  It's a chicken or the egg scenerio, with the European teams wanting to see Devo play NBA summer ball, now it's just a waiting game.

Of course, I suppose you could look at it another way.  That Devo is in fact being unfairly knocked.  Because of his off-the-court antics?  No.  Because of his agressive style?  Not so much.'s because he's white.  At least, that's what one of these fantastically-accented Utica Daily News pundits thinks:

He's being unduly NACKED!

"If you're going to Syracuse University and a white kid goes on the know he's good."  Guys, let me introduce you to Billy Celuck some time...

H/T: Three Idiots