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OrangeTube 6/3

A look at the latest Syracuse-related videos to hit the Webosphere.  First up...


Does Keyboard Cat just sit there all day waiting for these things to happen?  And how does he know???  He truly is a higher power.  If you need further proof, watch KC play Jonny Flynn off as well...

Speaking of Jonny, it's never the wrong time for some highlights:

More videos after the jump...

Posted recently, here's an interview with Eric Devendorf about his time at SU and his future.  Must have been taped before he announced he was going pro as he welcomes the chance to break the school scoring record:

Syracuse highlights and a Rocky IV montage song, together at last:

Finally, Mikey Powell checks in from the NCAA Tournament and backs his Orange heading into their game against Duke.  Who is he looking at when he's talking?: