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Early Week 1 look-ahead: Syracuse - Brian Bennett
The college football season kicks off three months from this weekend. We're taking a look at each Big East team's first opponent. Syracuse clearly has the toughest nonconference opener... - SU's Boeheim prepping for next season
Jim Boeheim talks up the upcoming basketball season while playing a little golf.

McNabb hosts 'White Party' Saturday | Philadelphia Daily News
Donovan McNabb hosts a "White Party," which isn't what you think it might be. Or might not be. I dunno, it just sounds weird.

Syracuse University Athletics - Melo Center On Schedule
The Melo Center is on schedule to open in the Fall. Just thought you should know.

Pros, cons to Big Ten, Pac-10 expansion - Andy Staples -
Debating the good and bad that would come with a Big East team joining the Big Ten.

Fiammetta adjusting to life in NFL |
Life as a rookie in the NFL can be tough, but Panthers' fullback Tony Fiammetta is taking it in stride.